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Career coaching for people who want to
make good money doing meaningful
work they feel designed for

Career coaching for people who want to make good money doing meaningful work they feel designed for

Discover the path to your ideal work
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The Career Revisioning Program
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A one-time investment in you that
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You will know with certainty:
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Your Ideal Work

The problems you love to solve, the challenges you are excited to tackle! Also the environment in which you thrive.  

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What makes you valuable

Your unique combination of talents, abilities, experience, and character traits that make you great at your ideal work.

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Your purpose or “why”

That which gives you the greatest sense of meaning and fulfillment.

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What you’re good at

How your hard and soft skills, talents, experience, and character traits combine to make you great at particular roles and functions.

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What drives you

From aspirations and talents to purpose and fascinations, all the things that spark life and energy into you.

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And we’ll create a strategic plan and support system to successfully get you there

Having a new and exciting vision for your future is powerful but having a winning plan to get there makes it hard to sit still!

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Career coach Jeff Baker.

Hey, I’m Jeff,

I’ve helped hundreds of people make the move to doing meaningful work they truly care about and are great at. It is not only possible, if I take you on as a client I guarantee you will get there also.

My Career Revisioning Program™ is comprehensive and thorough. It balances your real-world need to build a successful career that supports your lifestyle with your equally important need to do work you love and are good at.

I’ve been refining this process for 10 years, making it extremely effective AND affordable.

Having a career you love and are good at isn’t simple. But with the right knowledge, systems, and guidance you absolutely will get there, step by rewarding step.

Jeff completely transformed everything I thought I knew about being happy at work, and about what I had to offer. His support and knowledge made a pipe dream into a done-deal.
- K.L-H, Nelson, B.C.
Jeff Baker and the Career Revisioning Program are absolutely fantastic. I was skeptical when I first heard about it- there are so many people in the coaching field who cannot offer any value. However, the progress I have made far exceeds my expectations and is beyond what I thought possible.
– N.F., Cumberland, B.C.
Since working with Jeff, my life has transformed from aimless and average to energized and purposeful.
– J. D., Cumberland, B.C.
How to get started
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Let’s chat! No sales pitch or obligation. Just a chance to meet and see if working together is a good fit.
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Career Roadmap Session

A pre-requisite to the Career Revisioning Program and one of the most valuable 2-hour coaching sessions you’ll ever have.
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Career Revisioning Program

The program that transforms work from something you have to do to something you truly enjoy and thrive doing.  
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Confidently step into your new future

Walk out knowing exactly what you want and how to make it a reality.