Career Roadmap Session

Jump start your career transformation with this powerful 2-hour session

Discover your “Why” or Purpose

Get expert insights and personalized coaching

Get a roadmap for successfully discovering and transitioning to your Ideal Work

A Career Roadmap Session is a remarkable conversation with expert career coach Jeff Baker.  

Through a series of guided scenarios and insightful questions, Jeff helps you see aspects of yourself that are vital for a fulfilling and successful career. Discover your "Why" or Purpose, recognize your unique strengths and value, identify key drivers that motivate you, and clarify your aspirations for both your career and life.

By understanding yourself in relation to work, you will be more successful in defining your career goals and learning how to navigate confidently toward them. You will be moving towards a career that fits rather than just another job.

This session is a pre-requisite to the Career Revisioning Program™. It’s also a great way to test drive the program and confirm it’s definitely right for you before committing.


Two 1:1 hours with expert career coach Jeff Baker
Identification of your Purpose or “Why”
A copy of the Career Roadmap™
A copy of your answers to the questions and scenarios
Optional recording of Jeff’s feedback
We'll meet online via
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Recently I attended his workshop, and I was blown away by his down to earth personality and unique coaching methodology.
-N.W., Vancouver, B.C.
It was a transformational experience which I recommend to anyone who is serious about consciously shaping their life.
-N.F., Cumberland, B.C.
Jeff was incredibly helpful, friendly, enthusiastic and accessible. Working with him gave me the clarity and confidence to change how I look at pursuing a career.
-A.R., Vancouver, B.C.