A life-changing program for
ambitious professionals to
gain clarity & direction, and
build the future they want
Career change doesn’t need to be confusing
With the right guidance and structure, a career change is safe, inspiring, and leads to better opportunities.
With the right guidance and structure, a career change is safe, inspiring, and leads to better opportunities.
The skills, wisdom, and experience I have gained from Jeff are invaluable.
- M.B., Vancouver, B.C.
Jeff is an amazing listener and creates the feeling of being understood in conversation.
- J.C., Creston, B.C.
I have experienced a great shift in only one month – feeling more fulfilled and getting up each morning with purpose.
- G.B., Vancouver, B.C.
The Career Revisioning Program
An inspiring 12-week journey that brings clarity and direction to your professional path.

The Career Revisioning Program™ uniquely combines deep personal discovery with practical, strategic action, guiding you towards a career that truly resonates with your ambitions and strengths.


Confidence and certainty about who you are, what drives you, what makes you valuable, and what you want for your career and your life.

  • A vision for your career - a clear picture of your future which includes the real-world expression of your ideal work
  • A strategic plan for how to realize your vision
  • A self-designed support system to ensure you never get stuck as you execute your plan
  • Your personal blueprint, a visual model of you, that gives you clarity on your direction, and makes it easy to communicate your value to employers. This includes:
    • Your core and aspirational values
    • Your unique set of talents
    • Your skills
    • Your purpose or "Why"
    • Your set of drivers - the many things that inspire, motivate, and fulfill you
    • Your key ingredients - the roughly 12 critical things that need to be there in order for you to have a great career
I can’t think of anyone better suited to helping people identify their life’s purpose than Jeff Baker.
- T.P., Vancouver, B.C.

What makes this program exceptional

  • Guaranteed results
  • Professional quality
  • The perfect balance of one-to-one coaching and online learning
  • Work at your own pace / flexible schedule
  • Not just about getting your next job - get set up for years of clarity and success
  • Proven structured process
  • Work directly with the founder, Jeff Baker
  • 14+ hours of 1 to 1 coaching
  • Outstanding value at an affordable rate - just $764 per month for three months
Jeff Baker and the Career Revisioning Program are absolutely fantastic. I was skeptical when I first heard about it - there are so many people in the coaching field who cannot offer any value.
- H.C., Comox, BC

The Roadmap from Start to Finish


1. Book a Free Consult - 30 mins

Optional but valuable.

A chance for us to meet and get all your questions answered before making a decision

check_circle Book Free Consult

2. Have your Career Roadmap Session - 2 hours

A valuable and powerful session that gives you a huge head start on your career improvement journey

  • 2 dedicated hours with program founder Jeff Baker
  • By asking you a series of questions and putting you in specific scenarios we'll uncover some of the more difficult things to figure out on your own such as:
    • Your Purpose or "Why"
    • Some of your primary drivers
    • What makes you valuable
    • Unconscious patterns of potential self-sabotage
    • The conditions you need to thrive
  • We'll also look at the roadmap for reliably getting from here to the end goal of doing what you're designed for and most want to do
  • Only $195

NOTE: This session is a pre-requisite to doing the Career Revisioning Program.

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3. Take the Career Revisioning Program - approx. 12 weeks

The Career Revisioning Program gives you all the education, coaching, and tools you need to discover your unique genius, clarify your career path, and confidently step into your new future.

  • Self-Discovery Phase - 4 to 8 weeks
    • Your own online dashboard with 30 powerful exercises and lessons
    • 9+ hours of one-to-one coaching with Jeff
    • Unlimited support in-between sessions
    • Truly know your unique set of Talents that give you a competitive advantage and allow you to advance more quickly
    • Know your Core and Aspirational Values allowing you to have clear boundaries and take the actions that move you towards what matters most
    • Know your Natural Motivators - the collection of drivers that turn work from something you have to do into something that regularly inspires and engages you in energizing ways
    • Together we’ll create a visual model of you that includes your Skills, Knowledge, Talents, Values, Natural Motivators, etc. A model that allows you to see yourself as a whole and what you are designed for. It’s an incredibly powerful moment but also sets you up to make great, data-backed career choices from this point on.
    • Then, with the help of that visual model of you, we’ll create a model of your Ideal Work. The 1 to 5 year vision for your career and your life that gives direction and focus as we begin the Explore Phase
  • Explore Phase - 4 weeks
    • Now that you’re clear on your value, what you’re designed for, what drives you, and your Ideal Work, we need to know what is a match for that Ideal Work. What industry, role, company, career, business, project, etc. will allow you to do your Ideal Work with the right people and in the right work environment. What are the real-world opportunities to do what you’re designed for and care most about.
    • We’ll use an incredible goal achieving system to achieve this goal. One that you can use to achieve any goal you have for the rest of your life.
    • You get unlimited coaching for 4 weeks while you work towards identifying and designing your career path.
    • Finally, we’ll create a Strategic Plan for how to safely and confidently realize your vision and build a Support System so you never get stuck as you execute your plan.

4. Confidently step into your newly designed future

You now have your long-term direction, a strategic plan, a support system, and the knowledge you need to make the right micro-adjustments moment to moment. You have everything you need to succeed. By taking one baby step after another you will confidently create a great career which is a cornerstone of a great life.

I have worked with Jeff for almost 2 years, and the experience has been fantastic. Jeff’s 1v1 work sessions, Jeff’s assignments, and Jeff’s mastery of the subject matter have tremendously helped me understand what motivates and excites me.
-B.A., Boston, MA.
Jeff is a fantastic career coach! His enthusiasm for what he does is completely infectious. Jeff doesn’t offer magical or gimmicky solutions to achieve your career goals. Rather, Jeff gets you to dig deep in to the type of person and professional that you are, the career you want to strive for and gets you to come up with a clear and articulate vision for your future career.
- J.W., Vancouver, B.C.
I was so lost, frustrated and scared of what my future may hold all I saw was a grey and boring outlook. Uninspired, I had no direction and had pretty much given up on myself and what I could offer others. However, Jeff turned all that around in a fashion that spoke deeply to me and what I know to be true.
- K.R., Vancouver, BC

Career Revisioning Program Costs

A proven process perfected over 10 years
Work directly with expert coach and founder Jeff Baker
A one-time investment that pays dividends for a lifetime
This isn’t your typical career counselling package where you complete an intake questionnaire, do some personality tests, and meet for unstructured talk sessions.

I guide you through a highly refined, thorough program that ensures you get the end result of knowing what your ideal work is and how to build a great career, not just another job.

It is a significant amount of money to invest. But considering how much of our life we spend at work and how much ill-fitting work impacts your well-being, it’s worth the one-time investment to get it right.                    


APPROX. $1,922 USD
One payment - save $200 CAD
Approximately 14 hours of dedicated sessions with Jeff via Zoom
Your own personalized online workspace with 19 exercises, 14 lessons, and spaces for us to collaborate
Video recordings of all your 1:1 sessions
Access to your workspace for 1 year
Unlimited email and phone support by Jeff personally
100% money back guarantee
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$899/mo CAD
3 equal payments over 3 months
Approximately 14 hours of dedicated sessions with Jeff via Zoom
Your own personalized online workspace with 19 exercises, 14 lessons, and spaces for us to collaborate
Video recordings of all your 1:1 sessions
Access to your workspace for 1 year
Unlimited email and phone support by Jeff personally
100% money back guarantee
Book My Free Consult
How to get started

Free Consult

Let’s chat! No sales pitch or obligation. Just a chance to meet and see if working together is a good fit.

Career Roadmap Session

A pre-requisite to the Career Revisioning Program and one of the most valuable 2-hour coaching sessions you’ll ever have.

Career Revisioning Program

The program that transforms work from something you have to do to something you truly enjoy and thrive doing.  

Confidently step into your new future

Walk out knowing exactly what you want and how to make it a reality.